A Broncos loss on Sunday makes a Bradley Chubb trade much more likely

For trades to be done at the deadline, contenders need to be willing to make a deal — and non-contenders need to be willing to admit they’re not contenders.

If the Broncos lose to the Jaguars on Sunday and fall to 2-6, they’ll be far more likely to admit they’re not contenders.

Which makes a trade of linebacker Bradley Chubb far more likely.

That’s specifically how it’s being couched in league circles.

 A Chubb trade becomes more likely if the Broncos lose on Sunday.

Chubb, a first-round pick in 2018, is in the option year of his rookie contract. He’s earning

$12.716 million in base salary this year. He’s due to be a free agent in March.

He has 5.5 sacks this season. His career high came as a rookie, with 12.5.