Clippers rally late, play Tight way without Paul George to beat Jazz

Two days after the Clippers played what their coach, Tyronn Lue, described as their finest basketbal of an up-and-down season

players sat In folding chairs Monday morning inside their practice facility to rewatch what 

Lue had also deemed their "blueprint" for offensive success

To drill home the point, a whiteboard in frontof the ossembied chairs listed the season-high marks from Saturday night's

blowout victory over the San Antonio Spurs: passes, ball reversals,

assist opportunity rate, effective field-goal percentage

The numbers particularly the lippers 9 passes, as trackeb second Specirum, a stark contrast To their fourth-from-the-bottom season average of 262

backed up with data the litmus test Lue has often referenced as Simply playing the "right way."