Fans Go Crazy as Dale Earnhardt Jr's NASCAR Crew Makes a "50-50" Declaration on $20 Million Cup Passage

Dale Earnhardt Jr and co have been vigorously putting resources into exploring their transition to the Cup Series. Be that as it may,

they are still left to compute how the funds and productivity would turn out. To explain their position,

JR Motorsports cO- proprietor Kelley Earnhardt gave an explanation that was posted on Twitter by NASCAR writer Adam Harsh.

Harsh expressed, "@JRMotorsportsis actually investigating whether a NASCAR Cup Series program checks out, and contract asking costs being great above $20 million isn't really an issue,

however a definitive choice remaining parts 50/50, per @EarnhardtKelley."

Earnhardt clarified that they were looking towards taking the leap, however were still passed on to sort out the financial aspects encompassing the whole undertaking.

They likewise got out that they wouldn't see any problems in taking out $20 million contracts on the off chance that the Cup Series dream were to turn into a reality.

NASCAR fans respond to fresh insight about JEM's possibilities getting to the Cup Serie

Fans were eager to hear that the group has been viewing the Cup Series as a possibility for what's in store.

That's what fans trusted if it somehow managed to work out, JR Motorsports would quickly turn into the most famous group in thegame, because of the way that it is claimed by the Earnhardt family.

Individuals likewise expressed how the hang tight wouldn't be for a really long time and some even anticipated the season they would take their profoundly expected action to the major associations.

Something else is to inquire as to whether Hendrick Motorsports would keep on supporting JR Motorsports on account of the Cup Series.

Could they then, at that point, carry on like a sister group, or be totally free?