How the Packers blew a big 1ead and 1osta stunnerto thecGiants in London

The Green Bay Packers look well on their way to a 4-1 record after taking first-half eads of 17-3 and 20-10 oveer the New York Giants on sunday in London.

Everything changed when the ball started in the second half.

Does this all sound familiar? It should. In the end, we will explain how this result was probably overdue.

ere's how it all went wrong for the Packers during Sunday's stunning 27-22 loss:

How was the beginning of the second half? An 11-yard sack from

Rashaan Gary on first down led to a holding penalty on Darnell Savage.

What would have been 2nd- and-21 would have been 1st-and-10, and the Giants used redemption to mount a Scoring drive.

It's hard to imagine the Giants converting on 2nd- and-21, so it ended up beinq a 3-point penalty.