NASCAR World Responds to Dale Earnhardt Jr's Announcement

Dale Earnhardt Jr. reported a number of significant changes to itsorganizations this Thursday.

All starters, Kelly Earnhardt will assume the position of president for mill operator Dell's organizations. She is extraordinarily sure that her sister will work really hard.

Kelly is one of the most distinguished financial experts in motorsports and for good explanation," said Earnhardt Jr. "He is a brilliant mind and a pioneer. It is too old to lead him,

however in the event that we will build our organizations to enhance their true potential and equip our relatives with the authoritative help they

need to succeed No one could be more pioneering than Kelly

Another major change made this Thursday is that Mike Davis is currently the President and Chief Producer of Macy Mo Media.

Tony Mayhoff will, in the interim, be responsible for "leading Dell Jr. brand executives as VP, Methodology and Advancement for the DEJ Board

The LW mill operator was also mentioned in Thursday's public statement. He has been made Senior Vice President of Motorsports

In light of the reactions via web-based entertainment, NASCAR fans are sure that Kelly will be keeping an eye on everything JR Motorsports has to offer

Dale Earnhardt Jr. shared a public statement on his Twitter account recording the most recent major changes. His post included this comment: "These newjobs are very  qualified

The reality of the situation will eventually emerge assuming that JR Motorsports benefits from these changes.