What do Denny Hamlin, Kyle Bush, Kyle Larson, Perseus Elliott, and a great deal of the rest of the structure share in common? In fact,

it would be their unified main foe, Ross Chastain. Watermelon Wala has been relentless in his journey to turn everyone against him this season because of his targeted gimmicks.

Denny Hamlin recently had an inquiry as to which Chastain singer he would like to battle, and his reaction sent fans in a rage.

Hamlin inquired, saying, "Would you rather fight, one Ross Chastain-sized watermelon or 100 watermelon-sized Ross Chastain." Accordingly, Hamlin expressed, "Ill just have a Chastain, please."

As silly as this question sounds, in the theoretical universe,

a single Chastain-sized watermelon would be very difficult to beat. Imagine managing 100 little watermelons with Chastain's face smiling back at you.

Fans agreed with what they needed to say to the dashing driver Joe Gibbs in relation to that questioning.

One fan requested that Hamlin pay attention to what he chooses because if a Goliath fiery Chastain- sized watermelon appeared,

it might have been crushed beneath and engraved together on our memories and Chastains bum. Another expressed that Hamlin had spoken "useful information" with his response.

Another fan felt that Hamlin was certainly not Wrong with his response to the blasphemous driver for the No. 1 vehicle.

Do you agree with Denny Hamlin's decision? Tell us which rendition of Ross Chastain would like to battle in the comments below.