NASCAR driver Ross Chastain attributed a childhood video gaming.habit for his bold last Cornermove at.

Martinsville Speedway today, which saw him jump from 10th to sixth in the last seconds by surfing the wall.

Chastain and Trackhouse Racing will compete in the 2022 2NASCAR up Series Championship 4 next weekend.

Chastain also shattered the Martinsville Speedway stock car track record.

Ina post-race intervieW, Chastain said, "1 playeda lot of NASCAR2005 on the Gamecube with {younger brother] Chad growingup and...

you could get away with it, And Inever knew if it would actually work;Imean, I did that when I Was elght years old."

"l just made the choice;Igrabbed fifth gear down the back and full Committed."

Riding walls at high speeds to slingshot around curves and pass OPponents is a..

typical hack in low-stakes racing games, but Chastain has shownit can NOrk in real life. hus,It works once.

NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup debuted for Nintendo GameCube in September 2004. NASCAR'S last console game.