William Byrne forced to pay NASCAR wrongdoing

to compensate for his own slip-up Speedway season finisher focuses on 25 post-

Texas Engine Speedway Sunday's round of 12 NASCAR Cup Series season finisher One of the key ways was the episode between william Byrne and Danny Hamlin after

The contact between Byron's # 24 Chevrolet and Hamlin's #11 Toyota brought a turn through Enfield for the last option.

Despite protests from Hamlin and his group over the radio, Hamlin was not allowed to take over his position, and Byrne was not punished.

After the race, NASCAR Senior VP of Concept Scott Mill Operator admitted that, unlike every other person watching in the real sense,

NASCAR completely missed the crash when it happened.

NASCAR docked Byron 25 in the standings, and they also fined him $50,000. Byron finished the race in seventh place,

so a 25-point penalty successfully meant he would have scored with a 32nd-place result.

Considering that the 25 vehicles completed on the lead lap, Byrne would have done, to do the least, 25th place NASCAR had done how he should have started.

To say the least, he would have successfully done the job with an 18-point penalty, and it might not even have been so terrible had he had the opportunity to make some spots.